LoK Amon

Amon is the charismatic and mysterious leader of a group of chi blockers known as the Equalists, whose ultimate goal is to create equality by ridding the world of benders. A nimble and stealthy fighter, he is fearless in facing his opponents, regardless of their bending skills. Amon wears a mask to hide his identity as well as the scars that were made by an unknown bender. Amon is also Tarrlok's brother and a very skilled Waterbender and Bloodbender.


Amon appears to be a calm and composed individual. He has a severe abhorrence toward benders and he appears to be a staunch believer in what he views as equality and affectionately refers to his followers as "brothers and sisters." He has never been seen fighting benders of any significant prowess, aside from a mere, if skilled, athlete and a handful of thugs. He is clever and calculating, as well as a convincing speaker and manipulator. He has a disturbing degree of skill at public speaking, knowing how to mystify and terrify his audiences and enemies alike, creating loyalty and spreading prejudice with each word he says. He seems to have plans for Korra, and has thus far avoided fighting her, letting her escape instead, seeing she would be the perfect one to announce his ability to the city. Amon also chose not to take away her bending when he ambushed her after refusing to fight her, foreseeing that it would make her a martyr for the benders, and unite them globally against his cause.


Amon has shown himself to be a very skilled and nimble fighter; his superior agility allows him to maneuver himself gracefully to the extent of being able to dodge lightning at close range. His knowledge of chi blocking is powerful, making him dangerous to benders. He has also developed a way to take away a person's bending permanently using bloodbending. He can also perform this on the Avatar successfully. He is also well versed in terrorist tactics, drawing out hatred from non-benders and bestowing fear on benders, always looking for a psychological edge against his opponents as well as terrorizing and threatening all who go against his plans. It has been shown that Amon is able to resist blood-bending when Tarrlok attacked him.

He has also displayed a gift for political strategy, accurately portending that if he took away Korra's bending so early in his revolution that it would only end in Korra becoming a martyr, and that benders across the globe would unite against the Equalist revolt.