Episode 10 - Turning the TidesEdit

After recovering from her abduction, Korra recounts her story and explains how she barely escaped from Amon. Asami questions Mako about his feelings for Korra and Tenzin asks Lin to protect his family while he attends the morning council meeting. Tenzin is attacked at City Hall and learns that the other council members have been captured by Equalists. Amon's Zeppelins are bombing Republic City as Tenzin reaches police headquarters, where he wires the United Forces for help. Forced to evacuate headquarters, Equalist mecha-tanks attack and capture Chief Saikhan and many officers. Korra and her friends arrive in time to rescue Tenzin. Meanwhile, Pema goes into labor as Equalist airships arrive at Air Temple Island. Lin Beifong and the airbender children defeat and capture the invading troops. While Korra goes into hiding, Tenzin flees with his family and newborn son to preserve the last airbenders. Lin destroys an airship which pursues them, allowing the airbenders to escape, but is captured and has her bending taken by Amon when she refuses to reveal Korra’s whereabouts. The episode closes with Korra's team entering the city sewers and General Iroh (Zuko's grandson) commanding a fleet of United Forces warships, answering Republic City's plea for help.