Lin Beifong

Lin Beifong, the daughter of Toph Beifong, is the former Chief of Republic City's Metalbending Police Force. Even though her mother taught Avatar Korra's previous incarnation how to earthbend, Lin had no special affection for the new Avatar when she first arrived. According to Lin, Korra's reckless ways left one of Republic City's streets in ruin, making her one of the biggest threats the city had faced in recent times. However, this changed when Amon and his Equalists made their public appearance and openly challenged the benders of the world.

Like her mother, Lin has mastered earthbending in all its forms, allowing her to easily fight off multiple chi-blockers. As head of the Metalbending Police Force, Lin is especially proficient in the advanced art of metalbending. With her standard metal wires, she is highly versatile in battle. With them, she is able to perform considerable acrobatics, easily moving around the Pro-bending Arena to reach its roof. She can also fashion them as wrist blades for close-range battle. She has also shown considerable aim with these wires, able to snap Tarrlok's gavel from across a large room. Lin has performed intricate and otherwise delicate metalbending as well, from unlocking metal handcuffs from a distance to wrapping her armor around herself, and even closing up Bolin's fly.

Lin has also demonstrated a great mastery of seismic sense, which allowed her to locate a secret tunnel leading to Hiroshi's Equalist factory, and determine who is within the area, as she was able to locate her captured officers within an Equalist hideout but also knew Korra was not there. She also used traditional earthbending to fight Hiroshi and his machines, using it to push her high up into the air. However, during this incident, she learned that she is incapable, like all metalbenders, of bending solid platinum due to its exceedingly high purity.

Also, despite being fifty, Lin is very agile, quickly recovering from a chi-blocker attack and in the same move, somersaulting upright and taking down two chi-blockers. Like her mother was, Lin is also considerably strong, able to launch Korra to the roof of the Pro-bending Arena with one arm's metal wire while using the other to swing in the air.