Tahno is a former waterbender and was captain of the White Falls Wolfbats before the Equalist Attack on the Pro-bending Championship Tournament. He showed disgust toward the Fire Ferrets and led his pro-bending team to a third round knockout victory in the finals, making them reigning tournament champions four years running.

Tahno had a predominantly haughty personality, always enjoying to stand out over others, especially his pro-bending rivals, making sarcastic comments and boasting while in front of them. However, when Amon took his bending away, the bully in him weakened and he became politer than before the ordeal with the Equalist leader. When he still possessed his bending, he was very arrogant. This was showcased when Korra beat him in a tiebreaker round by using a headshot water strike; after being knocked back, he told his teammates that they were going to send their opponents "to a watery grave".

Before Amon stripped him of his bending, Tahno showed great waterbending capabilities which he used to participate in pro-bending. His skills were first demonstrated when he swiftly defeated a rival pro-bending team.