The Voice in the Night
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date April 28,2013
Written by Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko
Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos & Ki Hyun Ryu
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The Spirit of Competition
The Voice in the Night is the fourth episode season one of Legend of Korra. It aired on April 28, 2012 on Nickelodeon in United States.


Republic City Councilman Tarrlok creates a task force to capture Amon, and eventually recruits the reluctant Korra. Mako gains a sweetheart in Asami Sato, the daughter of industrialist Hiroshi Sato, who agrees to sponsor the Fire Ferrets' presence in the competition. After some success in the task force, Korra publicly challenges Amon to a duel; but she is ambushed and restrained by Equalists, and Amon does not hurt her, on grounds of fear to make her a martyr. He will thus save Korra for last. 


Janet Varey as Korra

David Faustino as Mako

P.J Byrne as Bolin

Sechell Gabriel as Asami Sato

J.K Simmons as Tenzin

Mindy Sterling as Lin Beifong